On a highway to hell.


The sun was blazing, but we remained cool from time to time. Photo Credits: Alosh Bennett


Roy and I had been riding non-stop for 5 and a half hours. I was finding it impossible to keep my eyes open with the sun blazing overhead, heating up my helmet.
Travelling northwards, from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, NH8 was playing tricks on my eyes. The heat rising from the tarmac travelled like fume waves before me and the horizon seemed to liquefy. We hadn’t even hit Gujarat yet for our bike ride across the state, and I was already wondering how we were going to pull this one off.. Continue reading

Kicking up some dirt and beating the sun.

Everyone complains about the potholes this side of the sub-continent. Well, these folks relish it.

Meet the new generation of bikers. These folks aren’t ones to buy low-riders and go for long rides, not even the ones to zoom past you on their superbikes. These bikers love roughing it out, outdoors.

A dirt-biker leaving a cloud of dirt. Image courtesy: Jean-Daniel Echenard via Flickr/Creative Commons

The riders are no strangers to the intense sport. Even before India’s first competitive race took place in 2009, bikers took advantage of off-roads that can be found a few miles away from the metros.

The bikes these riders mount aren’t big on power, but they do pack a mean pick-up that can easily sail them through the most unruly of tracks.

Motocross is especially fun during the summers when the soil is dry and firm. The sun may be unforgiving, but the thrill of conquering mounds and dunes is something else.

Wearing protective gear that includes helmets and gloves, these bikers mean business. If they see a small elevation, a jugging rock or even a heap of soil, they rev their bikes and take off, certainly towards the sun.

Nothing’s out of reach. Not even the sun. Image courtesy: Christopher Schmid via Flickr/Creative Commons

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