#AliveLiving: Surfer

#AliveLiving: Surfer
I skim the water surface, yet I reach for the skies.
I champion whatever the ocean can muster against me.
The beach is my finish-line, and I beat the waves to it, every time.
I am a surfer, and this is my ‪#AliveLiving‬.
Image courtesy: Tiago J. G. Fernandes, Steve Corey and Michel Craig via Flickr and Creative Commons.

#AliveLiving: Lifeguard

#AliveLiving: Lifeguard
When you’re in the water, I’m on the edge.
I keep an eye out while I’m perched high on my chair.
The beach is my kingdom, and I’m its protector.

I am a lifeguard, and this is my ‪#AliveSummerLiving‬.
Image courtesy: Tomás Fano and Wikimedia via Creative Commons.

#AliveLiving: Ice-Diver

#AliveLiving: Ice-Diver
When I take a dip, so do the temperatures.
I plunge into a world where the light dare not enter.
And I watch the aquatic life dance in all its colours
I am an ice-diver, and this is my #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: Creative Commons via Flickr (NOAA Photo Library)

#AliveLiving: Water Skier

#AliveLiving: Water Skier
I defy laws of physics when I skim through the water.
I showboat on the tail of a speeding boat.
I leave a trail of mist as my mark.
I’m a water-skier, and this is my #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: KYULAB via Flickr and Creative Commons

#AliveLiving: Sandboarder

#AliveLiving: Sandboarder
I conquer the wall of sand and make it my playground.
I perform better than camels in this harsh terrain.
I ride something more thrilling than Aladdin’s magic carpet.
I’m a sandboarding professional and this is my #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: OCVA via Flickr and Creative Commons

#AliveLiving: BASE Jumper

#AliveLiving: BASE Jumper
I relish jumping from places people dare not climb.
I sweat my way up to feel the wind on my way down.
I have missed many heart cycles as I skip a heartbeat with every jump.
I’m a BASE jumper and this is my #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: Xof711/Wikimedia

#AliveLiving: Parasailers

#AliveLiving: Parasailers
While we fly in airtight planes, they soar in the ocean winds.
While we lay sunbathing on the sand, they’re up chasing the sun.
While we want to escape our routine, their routine is all about escaping the coast.
They are parasailors, and this is their #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: Mike Burton/ Flickr

#AliveLiving: Skydivers

#AliveLiving: Skydivers
As we spend our lives climbing the ladder, they free-fall from 15000 feet.
When we open the windows for some wind, they travel 200 km/hr in the air.
While we yearn for a break in our lives, they simply pull open their parachute.
They are Skydivers, and this is his #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: Southern Skydivers via Creative Commons

#AliveLiving: Apa Sherpa
As we limit ourselves to climbing stairs, he conquers the greatest peak there is.
When we watch the sunrise from our rooms, he seems to hike higher than the sun.
While climbing the Everest can be our greatest triumph, he has done it 21 times over.
He is Apa ‘Super’ Sherpa, and this is his #AliveLiving.
Image courtesy: Jimmy Chan

#AwesomeGetaways: Bocaray

#AwesomeGetaways: Bocaray
Leaving your bed for cool sands is awesome.
Snorkeling in waters that’s clearer than bottled water is awesome.
Bringing home a tan along with memories is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Boracay, Philippines, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: Marc van der Chijs Via Flickr and Creative Commons

#AwesomeGetaways: Gunung Leuser forest

#AwesomeGetaways: Gunung Leuser forest
Walking over cool pebbles and into cooler waters is awesome.
Filling your lungs with the purest of oxygen is awesome.
Sunbathing one moment and getting drenched in rain the other, is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Gunung Leuser forest, Indonesia.
Image courtesy: buitenzorger via Flickr Creative Commons

#AwesomeGetaways: Nah Trang Beach

#AwesomeGetaways: Nah Trang Beach
Watching the sunrise from nature’s front row seat is awesome.
Picking up more memories than sand granules, is awesome.
The chill in the ocean challenging the heat of the sun is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Nha Trang beach, Vietnam, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: startracker/Flickr

#AwesomeGetaways: Cameron Highlands

#AwesomeGetaways: Cameron Highlands
Travelling back to the Victorian era is awesome.
Racing through the plantation and leaving a trail of dew, is awesome.
Picking your tea leaves and getting it brewed, is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: udeyismail via Flickr and Creative Commons

#AwesomeGetaways: Havelock Island Beach Number 7

#AwesomeGetaways: Havelock Island Beach Number 7
Loosing track of time while sleeping on sand is awesome.
Swapping human company for a playful elephant is awesome.
‘Go to the beach or venture into the woods?’ The dilemma is awesome.
Call it Beach Number 7, Radhanagar or just Elephant Beach, this tropical destination is your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: Update-Traveltechnologies via Creative Commons

#AwesomeGetaways: Chikamanlur

#AwesomeGetaways: Chikamanlur
Driving on a path that still smells of the monsoon shower is awesome.
Reaching atop the hill just to gaze below is awesome.
Forgetting your worries after stealing a handful of coffee berries is awesome.
Tucked in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range, the Coffee Land of Karnataka is awesome.
Feel alive after a trip to Chikmagalur, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway. Image Courtesy: Team BHP Community Via Creative Commons

#AwesomeGetaways: Whitehaven Beach

#AwesomeGetaways: Whitehaven Beach
Endless walks on butter soft sand is awesome.
Escaping 1.3 billion people and being one with yourself, is awesome.
Dodging fish as you wade through clear waters, is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Whitehaven Beach, Australia, your #AwesomeSummerGetaway.
Image courtesy: F Delventhal, Rob Chandler and Paleontour via Flickr and Creative Commons.

#AwesomeGetaways: Zakopane

#AwesomeGetaways: Zakopane
Occasionally slipping on slick ice is awesome.
Zooming down a hill faster than an avalanche is awesome.
Warming your numb hands in a campfire is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Zakopane, Poland, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: Creative Commons Via Wikimedia and Flickr.


Driving into a tiger reserve and camping in the heart of it, is awesome.
Plucking cardamom while sipping on some tea is awesome.
Paddling away time in a still lake is awesome.
Located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Gavi is awesome.
Come alive with a trip to Gavi, your #AwesomeWinterGetaway.
Image courtesy: trippinonlife.wordpress



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